Second Chance Fields is a San Diego based nonprofit founded in 2013 with the goal of providing high schools, in and around the San Diego area, with an affordable option to repair any damaged or dangerous sports facilities on their campuses. Our programs focus on schools whose sports fields are so run down and outdated that the condition of the fields is causing serious injuries to the student athletes forced to play on them. Our services are offered to high schools located in School Districts who suffer from budgetary deficits and financial shortcomings and are not able to afford the costly services offered by a “For-Profit” sports turf management contractor, that’s where we come in. Second Chance Fields is a nonprofit sports turf contractor that provides some of the best sports turf repairs, maintenance and upkeep services in Southern California. We accomplish this by utilizing the top sports turf industry professionals in the country, all of whom volunteer their time and expertise to Second Chance Fields to provide the schools we serve with the expertise needed to provide them with a sports field repair that’s second to none. In addition to our projects being over seen and managed by sports turf management experts from the likes of organizations such as the San Diego Padres and the San Diego Chargers, we also employ an all-volunteer labor force, which allows us to keep our prices well below that of the “For Profit” sports turf contracting companies who would have previously been the schools only option. Since all the labor and expertise in the services we offer are free of charge we are able to not only provide our services for an extremely low price, we’re also much easier to work with because we are not held to the same standards that a “For-Profit” is. For example, we do not have to adhere to prevailing wage guidelines because all our labor is volunteer. This eliminates a MASSIVE expense from the project budget. In addition, because we are a nonprofit that utilizes an all-volunteer work force, the School District is not required to obtain three bids for the project either. Due to our nonprofit nature, we are able to cut through almost all of the red tape associated with hiring a “For-Profit” company and as such, we pass all those savings on to the School District we’re serving. In addition to these savings, we also provide the school assistance with the application process of any grants the school applies for to assist the project. This includes grants that are issued to the school receiving the work, such as Major League Baseball’s Tomorrow Fund and the San Diego Chargers Fund. Whatever your budget, Second Chance Fields will do everything it can to help the school reach its goal and provide the student athletes with a new, safe and state of the art sports field they can be proud of and one that generations of kids will enjoy for years to come! Click here to get in contact with our program experts and get the ball rolling on your new field today!

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