Anytime we can put together something that will be better, that will help the community, help the kids have better places to go out and do different activities and play different sports, be out and about… That’s what our Foundation, my wife and I, really focus on as far as the athletics. For us, this [DNHS sports field renovation] was a great project, we came together because there was a lot of need for this project, we [Second Chance Fields & Adrian Gonzales] put together a good plan and Josh… [Second Chance Fields founder]… executed it very well and it looks great! This school is really going to benefit from this and I am looking forward to our next project with Josh and Second Chance Fields.

Adrian Gonzales - Baseball Player

I hope this review sticks this time. When I was young I played ball in HS. I used to my lose my footing and roll my ankles a lot because the fields were junk. Gofer holes, weeds the size of tree's uprooted, rain puddles that could house koi fish. When my team played on other schools fields that were kept up, we always played better than we played at home. There is something about playing on a field that is taken care of that makes one give their all. When Josh shared his passion to give back to the community, I was truly blessed. Too bad my generation didn’t have someone like Josh to do that for us. I hope and pray that this vision of Josh’s spreads like wildfire because there is something special about a nice field that brings out the best in the ballers that electrifies the game.

Ranger Benny - Member of the Public

It was a lot of fun to volunteer with second chance field at the high school and help the students get a new field.

Raymond W - Volunteer

As a youth, I played baseball on many fields that had very poor conditions. I am proud to be able to make a difference for youths today through my contributions supporting this program. I am thankful to ESPN Radio for supporting Second Chance Fields in spreading their mission statement.

Troy. K. - Donor

Really neat non-profit. The owner is passionate about baseball, youth, and giving them the best opportunity possible. With school budget cuts affecting school's sporting facilities, this non-profit is a refreshing answer to that problem- by fixing up baseball fields, making them safer for student athletes to play on, and more beautiful to look at. Thanks Second Chance Fields for helping provide fields our students and community can be proud of!

M.B. - General Member of the Public

Second Chance Fields gives others hope. This non-profit is greater than just grass and dirt- it gives a gift to the next generation that gives them a chance to make a difference in life themselves. Josh's vision is to change lives through his passion for sports and specifically baseball. Second Chance Fields is simply a platform to encourage others to a life of positive change in the world. I have been blessed with the opportunity to volunteer with this organization and was very impressed by the skills of Josh as the manager of the project as well as his heart and passion to see people grow. He is an excellent leader and great visionary. I have no doubt this non-profit will change many lives. With a heart and passion like Josh's, anything is possible with this non-profit.

D. Brown - Volunteer

The person who runs this organization is passionate about providing safe places for young athletes to hone their skills. He puts his heart and soul into each job he does. Instead of heeding naysayers, check out the work his organization has done already. It will proudly speak for itself.

Roof341 - General Member of the Public

I know the founder and his wife personally. They are great people. Josh the founder is very passionate about his work and helping the community. I think what he is doing for our kids and our fields is amazing. Keep up the great work Josh!!

Halfpint17 - General Member of the Public

As an avid baseball fan who's played a little bit during high school, I'm so glad to see that Second Chance Fields exists to help local schools provide better, safer playing fields for the student athletes. I have come to know the founder to be someone who is passionate about what he does and who just wants to give back to the community. That is why I've donated to this organization in the past and will continue to do so in the future!

ays424 - Donor

This foundation really does a great service for the young athlete. Sports programs are unfortunately not a funding priority and as a result some of the conditions of the fields our kids are made to use are sub par to say the least. This foundation goes to bat for them when no one else will. The owner Josh is truly passionate about this work and it is very clear to see that after meeting him. I have volunteered on a couple projects with them already and will continue to do so. I wish someone would've have taken up the torch for these kids sooner but I'm glad something is being done now. Thank you second chance fields.

dubnation2021 - Volunteer

As a volunteer for this organization, I've had numerous conversations with both the founder and his wife and have even been asked to be part of the board. Although I had to pass on this opportunity, I was able to see and document first hand some of the work done by this organization. Professionals have been brought together with volunteers from the community and the beneficiary school to refurbish playing fields that have not had the care necessary to properly keep them at an optimal state.

My role as volunteer was as a documentary film maker of the work done for their first project as well as providing advisory guidance through some of the inception of the organization. My main role in the advisory aspect was to talk out ideas and approaches to contacts, projects and marketing via video.

Good team of folks involved here doing some solid work.

crisruv - Volunteer

I know the founder and his wife personally. He is a great guy, with great character. He's passionate about helping the community of San Diego by fixing their sports fields in the SD unified school district. At this moment he doesn't even have a child in school there. I know he wants to give back to the community and help in anyway possible which is why he started the non-profit.

The founders knowledge of each project was on point; he clearly knew what he was doing and they ALL turned out great!

Hazardsbabe - General Member of the Public

What a creative idea to use your talents and abilities to help a community. This is what this company does, and it is something I personally have experienced.

Baseball in our schools is forgotten many times because of a lack of funds. Kids are playing on sub-par fields and are incurring injuries; some injuries are serious enough to prevent students from playing ball in college. This situation caused the founder of Second Chase Fields to take action providing opportunities for individuals to partner with him and fix these fields in San Diego for our kids.

This founder is proactive and I have found him to be a man of his word, everything he says he will do has been accomplished. The projects he has developed and implemented have been completed in an exemplary fashion.

I have never felt so positive supporting an organization and I feel Second Chance Fields is an outstanding organization.

Jsbga - Professional with expertise in this field

I happily support this organization, Second Chance Fields. They operate in a professional manner. The projects are well-organized and impressive. The owner delivers what he promises. Excellent organization!

Bittas - General Member of the Public

I personally have worked with Second Chance Fields(SCF) and have to say they are very professional. We replaced the warning track and installed new foul poles for Mission Bay High School. About 40 volunteers came to help with the project and free SCF t-shirts were given to everyone. Not only did volunteers come but Jersey Mike's provided food for everyone. Josh Pratchard was nothing but professional and wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. The improvements to the field were up to MLB standards. Second Chance Fields is awesome!

J. Stokoe - Volunteer

I am an umpire for High School baseball and I can tell you from first hand knowledge that there are many fields in San Diego county that could use the services of Second Chance Fields. The Mission Bay project was truly amazing, the finished product was far safer and gave the boys the opportunity to play baseball at a high level. Josh has big vision and is a gifted project manager. I would love to see them give upgrades to the many fields that I get to work.

D.K. - Professional with expertise in this field

One deserves a second chance in life. One can become run down by the circumstances life throws one's way, but giving up does not lead us into success. It is staying the course, and breathing life into a lifeless situation that makes a second chance successful. That is what this organization does.

Second Chance Fields is an organization that encourages the "second chance" that we all deserve in life. One of the true marks of a person of high character is not what they do for themselves, but what they do for others. Second Chance Fields is about giving back to a community. It is not an organization that looks to see what it can get out of a situation, but looks to see what it can give to the people within a community. It is about setting kids up for success. It is about taking something that others see as past it's time, worn out, and worthless, and turning it into something that is relevant, given new life and adds value to the community.

I am excited to see more work done by this great organization that is run by even better people!

L. Heston - Donor

Awesome!!! Great leadership and amazing vision. Operated by a former Marine veteran and his wife.

willieritchie - Volunteer

Big promises big visions great end result. Highly recommend.

Justin2020 - Volunteer

This is a fantastic organization to rehabilitate playing fields for our youths to excel in playing the sports they love. I myself am a supporter and donor and will continue as I have personally seen what Second Chance fields is capable of. Keep up the great work!

halo27 - Donor

I was impressed after seeing the work that Second Chance Fields did with the Warning Track Project at Mission Bay High School. You can tell they put a lot of time and effort into making MBHS's baseball field one that the kids can play on safely and be proud of. Great job Second Chance Fields!

speeder58 - Volunteer

All I can say is that I have personally been to one of the fields they worked on and it's gorgeous. If you saw how shoddy the field looked before hand, and the polished gem it is now, you would want these guys to come fix a sports area/field in your area. One of my favorite things about the owners ship of this non profit is that this is something they love doing and love doing for the community and being prideful in their work. It really shows just talking to them and looking at the work they have done. It's definitely superb work and if I was a school or a park or some place that needed this kind of work done I would certainly seek Second Chance Fields out and have them do the work.

PopflyCatcher - General Member of the Public

I have personally seen the work that was accomplished with the pitcher's mound and the warning track projects. It was impressive watching how smoothly the projects came together with the volunteers under the direction of the owner. His expertise and knowledge for each project was impressive. The finished projects were beautiful and to see the look on the volunteer's faces and the kid's faces who would benefit from these projects were priceless. I will continue to partner with Second Chance Fields for the professional way this company conducts business and benefits our community.

brentonb - Donor

I got on board and involved after meeting with the great visionary of this amazing non-profit. I assisted in the reconstruction of the Mission Bay High School warning tack. The whole process ran efficiently and professionally, not mention the end product looked phenomenal. I am eagerly awaiting and anticipating the next project Second Chance Fields will take on. Wishing them noting but continued success.

Sire11233 - Volunteer

This organization is setting the bar for charitable work. You won't experience a more heart felt desire to see the lives of kids and adults changed through field Charity rehab. This is what I would call faith in action! See a problem and come up with a dynamic solution. I will continue to support this effort as it drawls out so many fond memories playing sports and building relationship that will never fade away. Let's give the same opportunities that we had as kids to the next generations. Please consider partnering with second chance fields. I did! Pastor Shawn Wagner, Rock Church San Diego

Shawn - Advisor

Second Chance Fields is a great organization with a great mission that supports kids safety within sports as well as their academic success to stay in those sports. I was involved in their warning track program at MBHS and was very impressed in their effeciency and professionalisim in their dealing with the district, parents and the many local companies that pitched in to make that program possible. This organization is exactly what San Diego’s student athletes needed and what the public school systems needed. When is comes to supporting our kids education and the sports they love I wouldn’t support any other program

Dennis Pugh - Former Athletic Director MBHS Head Baseball Coach San Marcos State

Second Chance Fields rejuvenated the Mission Bay High School Baseball Field. Their mixture of volunteers from the community and experts from the San Diego Padres created a wonderful example of cooperation. Our baseball fields new pitcher’s mound, warning track, outfield fence and foul poles represent the beginning of a relationship that I see continuing at MBHS and within the San Diego Unified School District.

Fred Hilgers - Former Principle MBHS

Working Second Chance fields has been a great experience. Creating safe playing surfaces for kids to develop into the best player than can be is something I enjoy being a part of. Seeing kids on safe fields instead of streets and the chance for them to go to the next level is what it is all about.

Luke Yoder - Director of Field OperationsSan Diego Padres